About Us

Craig Blackwell    Craig started building boats at the age of sixteen in Bay City, Michigan. He served a five year apprenticeship with the Gougeon Brothers (developers of West System Resin), where he learned the fundamentals of lightweight, strong wood and composite construction. He moved to Florida and worked for Monteray Marine in their early days where he continued to learn the art of jig building. From there he moved to North Carolina where he resides today. Upon arriving in North Carolina, Craig went to work for Buddy Davis at Davis Boatworks and assisted him in changing from a frame style to a jig boat. He then helped build Davis’ first plugs and molds for the 47’s and 60’s.

Blackwell Staff     In 1986 Craig went into business for himself. For three years he primarily worked in repair and in 1988 he established Blackwell Boatworks. In the years since, he has built over sixty sportfishing boats ranging from 28’ – 72’, from the very simple charter boat to very elaborate yacht.